Gold Parties produce cash fast!

Join the Fast Cash Gold Party Partner Program and earn cash fast from your referals. Its Easy, Fun and PROFITABLE! Hosting Gold Parties to sell old and broken gold items is easy, fun and provides you with fast cash! Send in your unwanted gold using our secure system and receive fast cash from our gold evaluators.

Cash For Gold Parties

Now is the perfect time to Host Your Own Gold Party!

If you live in Canada and have landed on this site, go to Gold Parties Canada and learn how you too can make money hosting a gold home party in your area.

Sell Your Old Gold,
Sell Unwanted and Scrap Gold For Cash!

With near record high gold prices and in today's economic times, people don’t have to look further than their own homes to get cash when they need it. We are paying BIG money for your unwanted gold, broken gold, silver and platinum. We buy everything from rings, earrings, watches, necklaces to coins, scraps and even dental gold.

Host a Party to Sell Gold
Turn Unwanted Jewelry and Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum into Cash

Gold Parties are an incredible way to turn your unwanted jewelry and scrap gold, silver and platinum into cash. Host your own Gold Party and not only will you walk away with money from the items you sell, but you will make 10% from the total party sales. AND... it doesn’t stop there.

Fast Cash Gold Party

Encourage your guests to host their own Fast Cash Gold Parties and you will collect an additional 5% commission from the total sales of their cash for gold party. It’s that EASY!

The average Gold Party professional pays out between $3,000 and $5,000 per party for the gold they buy, and they pay the HOST 10% of that payout. That means $300 to $500 EXTRA for the host.

Safe Gold Sales

We have over 40 years of jewelry experiences and thousands of satisfied Hosts, Guests and individuals that have used our services. It’s Safe, Simple and you get your CASH IMMEDIATELY. Our expertise ensures that you receive a professional, accurate and safe way to sell your gold.

Florida Gold Party

We started our Fast Cash Gold Parties in Florida a few years ago and have helped many hosts have fun and successful gold parties of their own, from Tallahassee to Miami, from Fort Lauderdale to Tampa... and just about everything in between.

Host a Gold Party and Make Money

We’ve all been to home parties and unlike those; you don’t spend money….if fact, WE PAY YOU MONEY! LOTS of MONEY for your unwanted and broken jewelry and your old and scrap gold. It is so easy to make money that our hosts have turned a one time event into a money making business opportunity.

You can invest as little or as much time as you want and we’ll keep paying you. Just think….if you host 1 party per week, that’s an average of $1,200 extra per month. It’s up to you how much time you want to invest.

Hosting a Cash For Gold Party

Hosting a Gold Party is an interesting and educational way to spend a few hours while you’re having fun catching up with friends and family. So clean out those jewelry boxes and drawers, gather up everyone you know and start making money today.

Our licensed and professional Gold Party Representatives help you with everything you need—from ready-made invitations, Thank You cards, to plenty of encouragement—ensuring that your Party is a success and, most importantly, fun and profitable for you and your guests. It’s a win-win-win situation!

Learn more about "How You Make Money Hosting A Gold Party of Your Own".

Gold Party Testimonials

We have hundreds of gold party testimonials from hosts in Tampa, Miami, Jupiter etc that are supplementing their incomes by having parties and we’ll be happy to join you in your home too. It’s a business opportunity you can’t pass up.

Our success has been fueled by word of mouth ~ everybody is talking about it and everybody is making money. Let’s start making you money today!

Gold Party Business Opportunity

There is no investment necessary to work with Fast Cash Gold Parties, and the rewards are remarkable!

While most companies are down sizing Fast Cash Gold Parties is expanding at a phenomenal rate and we need to fill positions immediately. This truly is a Golden Opportunity to cash in on the ground floor of the "gold party" phenomenon.

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